The Untamed

A long journey comes to and end and also a new start. The graphic novel from Sebastian Jones, Darrell May and me has been finished for almost two years. It’s been a labour of love and we’ve poured so much time and energy into this book I cannot believe how many months of my life are within those pages.

The Kickstarter is soon finished and the book was funded within the first days. We reached a couple of stretch goals and there’s still about a week left.

But this is also a fresh start as we begin the journey towards an animated TV series. We have a great team of people in Andrew Cosby (Eureka, Two Guns), Lloyd Levin (Hellboy, Watchmen, The Rocketeer), and Andrew Sugerman (Death Sentence, Conviction, Shopgirl).

We even got Sean Bean to voice our main character.

A couple of weeks ago I travelled to LA for the launch party at Hi De Ho Comics. We had a great time. Our own Niobe from the book – Amandla Stenberg (Hunger Games) showed up as well as some surprise guests such as Dana Carvey (Wayne’s World).


Check out the Youtube trailer featuring Sean Bean, hit like and visit our Kickstarter page while it’s still up to grab some really nice rewards!

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Posted: March 14, 2015


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